Is Monett fun?

For several weeks we’ve been discussing Monett’s major issues, the stuff people like to complain about but that somehow seldom change. We’ve looked at housing, industrial development and the nature of government. One recurring source of sniping is that there’s nothing to do in Monett, especially after the stores close predictably by 6 p.m.
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Disturbing secret revealed as farmstead changes hands

EAR ABBY: I need a second opinion. My grandfather sold me an old farmstead that has been in the family for 200 years. Last week, he showed me a wooded area behind the barn with a human skull. He told me that when his father died more than 50 years ago, he was curious about how long it would take a body to decompose, so he left his body in the woods to keep track of its progress. He has 50 years’ worth of pictures and notes. He told the rest of the family that Great-Grandpa had been cremated, and apparently no one questioned him about the ashes.
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