Coming soon: Critical Incident Team

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Lawrence County Sheriff proposes formation of county-wide task force

It is just in the planning stages, but Lawrence County law enforcement officials will soon have a new tool in their arsenal with the proposed formation of a Critical Incident Team.

Sheriff Brad DeLay said that many departments already belong to multi-jurisdictional teams and task forces, but his thought was to create a county-wide team of first responders to critical events.

“Everyone I’ve talked to has been on board with the idea,” he said. “That includes Aurora, Marionville, Pierce City, Monett, Mt. Vernon and, of course, the sheriff’s department.”

DeLay said the number of team participants would be dependent on the size and number of officers each department had available to respond to critical events, and that additional training would be needed for those who do join the team.

“We would have to do some multi-jurisdictional training just to get to know how each department operates,” DeLay said. “We probably won’t start try to get organized until after the first of the year, since this season is so busy for everyone. But, we are looking forward to organizing something on a county-wide level where we can work together on larger crimes.”

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