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Tom Kerr: Remember those lost in all wars

Saturday, November 13, 2021


Thursday was is Veterans Day.

I researched the number of American military lives lost in all of our nationís wars. In the ten major wars plus the five operations in the Wars on Terror, we have lost 1,368,331 military lives.

I frequently talk with both high school and college graduates that I meet around town, and I have found that very few know the most basic things about any of these wars, such as (1) the approximate time period in which they were fought. (2) what countries we fought, and (3) the reasons the wars were fought.

Many people donít even know these basic bits of information about the American Revolutionary War, the Civil War, or the two World Wars. Here are the numbers of Americans killed: American Revolutionary War, 4,435; the Civil War, 618,000; World War l, 116,516; World War II, 405,399; Korean War, 36,574; the Vietnam War 58,220. These numbers do not include other wars and operationst.

Tom Kerr


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