Phone funny business in Freistatt

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Village hitting snags while searching for phone provider

Freistatt is still fighting with phone service providers to get reliable phone service for city hall and City Clerk Sarah Robinett.

Freistatt village leaders have been working for several months to cancel its Verizon phone account for city hall, as the service has become unreliable.

Freistatt Village Board Trustee Richard Knight is the signatory on the village’s Verizon account and reported in June that he was having trouble working with Verizon to fix, or even cancel, the city hall phone line.

Knight was not in attendance at July’s meeting.

Robinett did say that she contacted AT&T to find out how much a landline for city hall would cost. She said AT&T informed her that they do not provide phone service in Freistatt.

Trustee Susan Senninger said she believes some community members do use AT&T and requested that Robinett contact a regional AT&T office to confirm that service cannot be hooked up to the city hall building.

Robinett said the phone company’s website said service could be activated and would cost $75 a month.

Robinett said she would continue trying to find a solution to the phone issue.

Freistatt Village Water and Sewer Director Alan Obermann also updated village leaders on the local water system.

Obermann said he is preparing to replace a gasket that busted in one of the village water wells in February after a long delay in getting the needed part.

Senninger said she has heard reports from village residents, including Robinett, who say they have been experiencing low water pressure in recent weeks.

Obermann said the well being offline should not contribute to low water pressure, and those reports may likely be attributed to plumbing in the individual homes.

He also said that he flushed city water lines on June 24 and conducted water sampling that did not result in anything unusual.

Trustee Larry Howard said one of his neighbors is reporting muddy water flowing from taps in his home.

Obermann also attributed this to home plumbing and not the village water supply, as, typically, if one home is experiencing muddy water, others would be reporting the same issue.

To be sure, Obermann said he would flush lines in the neighborhood in the coming week.

Obermann also said his phone number is posted on the door of the Freistatt Community building and any resident with a concern or issue is invited to contact him directly.

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