Monett working on athletics facilities

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Turf removal delayed due to manufacturing holdup

The Monett athletics program is working on its facilities in the summer, doing some routine upkeep and dealing with a delay affecting the turf replacement at Burl Fowler Stadium.

Daryl Bradley, Monett athletic director, said the turn on Kenley Richardson Field has yet to be removed, as the manufacturer is behind in fabricating the replacement.

“The manufacturer is a bit delayed, so our new turf is not complete yet,” Bradley said. “They’ve pushed that back a bit further, which has made us hesitant to remove what we have until we get some more specific dates. We don’t want a situation where we have to move things to another facility or lose a home [football] game.”

The turf was damaged in the spring by vandals who painted obscene images and messages on the field. Crews attempted to remove the graffiti, but could not get it completely off.

Despite the field replacement being delayed, other improvements are being made.

“We have our cameras up at the stadium now, and as soon as [the manufacturer] gives the OK, we are ready to roll the old turf up,” Bradley said. “We are also doing some touch-ups and painting. We did the shed below the stadium, and the field house is getting a refresher.

“Over by the high school, we’ve hung avenue banners on the light poles on the David Sippy Drive side, hoping to get a little school spirit going. At the baseball field, we are replacing the wind screen in the outfield.”

Indoor work is also taking place, using the July 4 holiday as a window while indoor athletics programs are taking a break.

“We’ve put a water-based finish on all our gym floors — at Central Park Elementary, Monett Middle School and Monett High School,” Bradley said. “Crews with Hilliard sanded down the floor and put that finish on. I think most schools do that every year. We get a lot of use out of our gyms, so this helps to keep it clean and gives it a good shine.”

Bradley said the floors are off limits for about two weeks after the work, allowing plenty of time to dry.

“We usually try to do it around the 4th [of July] when it’s being used the least,” he said. “Teams find stuff to do on the road or schedule workouts elsewhere. A lot have open gyms before and after we do this.

“Basketball does most of its stuff in June, then in July, we turn more toward fall sports. The volleyball team has its camp starting July 19.”

The gyms will open back up on July 14.

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