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Deborah Schoen: Ron Smith will be remembered

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Dear Editor:

Our community lost a good and decent person recently — Ron Smith.

Those of you who knew him realize his contributions to our community. I would like to share with you what you may not know from my own perspective of knowing Ron Smith.

I first worked with him at 1st National Bank/Mercantile. Then, I went to a meeting of the 4th of July Committee where he contributed his talents and he immediately nominated me as Chairman.

I panicked! However, it was Ron’s unending support and his enthusiasm that made our 4th of July Committee a success.

I remember Ron Smith for his willingness to listen to stories, just because he knew the one telling them had to be heard.

I remember him for his dedication to his volunteer work. On our 4th of July Committee, especially for telling us, “I cannot work that day because I will be helping the Monett Lions Club with their chicken, but here is my suggestion for the 4th.”

We always took his good advice and ran with his suggestion.

I remember Ron Smith for his smile and laughter that always gave our committee encouragement and inspiration when we really needed it!

I remember Ron Smith for just being there and being Ron Smith for the good person he was.

I will miss him in our community, as I am sure those who knew him will miss him, as well.

I will miss him not near as much as his family will, as “family” was everything to Ron.

God bless his family and may He keep them in His care.

May they know that Ron Smith’s memories will have an everlasting impact in our hearts forever.

Deborah Schoen

Former Monett 4th of July Chairman

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