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Chaplain Cathy Lewis: Memorial Day’s different angles

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Dear Editor:

One cannot name a street or church or school that has not faced a death during this past year.

Death affected all ages and came dressed in both normal and abnormal costumes. Not every death certificate said COVID.

First, as a chaplain, I want to pause and thank the ambulance drivers and every staff member at our funeral homes. These silent Heroes went 24-7 to be sure the sick and dying and deceased were taken care of appropriately.

Second, thank you to the florists, who were often the voices of the living remembering those who died. One can complain that a flower may be expensive, but often that plant, fresh flowers or gift reminded people they were loved and their pain shared.

Thirdly, as a family who just went through the serious illness and death of our brother, let us encourage all of those who lost loved ones during the pandemic to use Memorial Day to do just that.

In our case, our brother was retired Air Force. He will have a military funeral in June in Springfield.

Families who felt paralyzed during the planning of a death rite can and should come together now to remember. Bury the urns. Get the family and friends together to look at pictures and tell stories.

Had we started earlier, maybe one church in town would have sponsored a time to recall the men, women and children who died.

I feel sure that of our Cox pastoral team would gladly come and pray with you.

Remember to remember this Memorial Day!

Chaplain Cathy Lewis (Cox)

Pierce City

Editor’s note: This letter was sent in past the deadline for the May 29 edition ahead of Memorial Day, but we still wished to run it.

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