Lisa Craft: Do we really want it all back to normal?

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Sunday is a day signifying a measure of rebirth to many, a celebration that was overlooked last year by panic, fear and a overload of anxiety.

We did not know for sure what was happening as a new major illness spread across the globe. I know we recently had a column about this and we talk about it a lot, but it has played a major role in our lives, affecting every area from worship to simply being around other members of our family.

This time last year, COVID-19 entered our world and we did not know if it was safe to attend church services on Easter Sunday, and most of us did not see it as the day it was meant to be.

This year, I believe there is hope attached to this day of rebirth and resurrection. No matter what you believe, even if you are only looking forward to the Easter Bunny hiding those eggs loaded with candy, there is more hope this year.

We have vaccines that can help protect us, we are a bit more educated about a very unpredictable virus, and for some reason, even though the virus is still here, it just does not seem as bleak as it was.

Maybe it is just me, and maybe I am just wishing and hoping too much, but I donít think so.

With me and my outlook this season, Jesus observing Passover with His disciples at the Last Supper is the time that the Jews remembered their freedom and exodus from Egypt.

This is where He taught them that the wine they drank would symbolize His blood and the bread, His body. This would be followed, of course, by His arrest, His trial, His crucifixion and then His resurrection on the third day after his burial.

All for us ó all for our sins.

But, Christian or not, I firmly believe that each one of us have found a hope through this pandemic that has given us an ability to find within us the spirit of giving, wherever it derives from. When possible, we will share a gift of talent, share a gift of food, share with those some monetary need, share delivery needs, talk with those that are lonely, fix things when we can and just do things that we would have never thought to do.

What I am hoping for is that we donít loose this spirit of giving. I pray from the bottom of my heart that this pandemic disappears from the face of the earth but that the humanity that we have developed because of it stays.

My fear is that the virus will go away ó and things WILL go back to normal.

Bless you all this Happy Easter Sunday!

Lisa Craft is the General Manager of The Monett Times. She may be reached at 417-235-3135 or at community@monett-times.com.