Authorities confirm identity of Jane Doe

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Victim ran into oncoming traffic in I-44

Missouri authorities have identified a young female, 18, that was struck and killed by a vehicle in Lawrence County on March 6.

Hayden Harris, of Deepwater, had been observed wandering around at the eastbound rest area near mile marker 52 on March 6 when she suddenly ran into oncoming traffic and was struck and killed by the vehicle.

Authorities initially asked for assistance identifying the woman, pointing out she had multiple distinct tattoos, including a rose on her upper arm, a crown on her chest, “Fear” tattooed on the fingers of her right hand, and shooting stars on her right hand and wrist.

Lawrence County Sheriff Brad DeLay said authorities spent two days seeking information on the identity of the woman, who was identified through a multitude of tips from social media.

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