Lawrence County court news

Saturday, February 6, 2021



• Brian McKelden Fleming, domestic assault - fourth degree, misd. A; property damage, misd. B.

• Joshua Lee Miller, DWI, misd. B, fined $385.

• James G. Ramirez, operating motor vehicle in a careless and imprudent manner, involving an accident, misd. A, fined $38.

• Jeremy D. Roberts, operating motor vehicle in a careless and imprudent manner, involving an accident, misd. A.

• Wesley A. Rollett, non-support, misd. A.

• Bruce Russell, passing bad check, misd. A.

• Heather Dawn Sipes, failure to register vehicle, misd. B, fined $100.

• Jesse Michael Torbett, violation of order of protection of adult, misd. A; assault - fourth degree, misd. C.


• Hector Antonio Alejandro, Jr., speeding, fined $50.

• Omar Banegas, speeding, misd. B, fined $295.

• Brandon Todd Blackburn, speeding, misd. C, fined $70.

• Jamie M. Bolin, speeding, misd. C, fined $70.

• Carmen Joan Chadwick, speeding, misd. B, fined $155.

• Kylie Nicole Cohu, speeding, misd. C, fined $70.

• Anthony W. Cox, failure to display plates on motor vehicle, fined $50.

• Katie Jo Crabtree, speeding, fined $50.

• Douglas L. Dahnke, failure to display plates on motor vehicle; failed to register commercial property carrying vehicle for sufficient gross weight, fined $213.

• Tracy Marie Daniel, speeding, misd. C, fined $70.

• Barbara J. Doscher, failed to yield after stopping to vehicle that entered intersection, misd. C, fined $81.

• Terri L. Evans, speeding, misd. C, fined $100.

• Justin Casey Finnegan, speeding, misd. C, fined $70.

• Randall Eugene Fox, speeding, misd. C, fined $100.

• Billy Dean Gautney, failed to equip motor vehicle with a working horn, fined $90.

• David Godsey, displayed motor vehicle with plates of another person, fined $50.

• David Pierce Hazelwood, Jr., speeding, fined $220.

• Kyle Austin Jordan, speeding, fined $350.

• Kyle Xavior Kamalo-Bouldin, failure to display plates on motor vehicle, fined $50.

• Regina Felice May, speeding, misd. C, fined $70.

• Caressa Patel, failure to reigister motor vehicle, misd. B, fined $50.

• Guang Hua Sun, speeding, misd. C, fined $100.

• Davido D. Tucker, speeding, misd. C, fined $70.

• Bryant Lee Wilson, speeding, misd. C, fined $86.

The following are failure to wear seat belt infractions, fined $10:

• Valerie Elizabeth Bland.

• Melanie Leika Crider.

• Amos W. Fleetwood.

• Dakota Scott Phillips.

• Anthony James Richardson.

• Davido D. Tucker.



• Joshua S. Arveson, burglary - first degree, fel. B; stealing, fel. D.

• Joshua S. Arveson, forgery, fel. D.

• Sena M. Barrett, possession of controlled substance 35 grams or less of marijuana, fel. D.

• Aaron Keller, interfering with arrest, fel. E, fined $200.

• Michael Dean McCormick, possession of controlled substance 35 grams or less of marijuana, fel. C.

• Justin Allen Moore, stealing- fined $750, fel. D.

• Eavette Nichole Nixon, forgery, fel. D.

• Kaitlyn L. Soutee, resisting/interfering with arrest for a felony, fel. E.


• Peptia Faye Short from Joshua Dale Short.

• Steven D. Daniels from Jessica L. Daniels.

• Levi D. Erskin from Danny R. Erskin.

• Roxanne M. Guess from Tony D. Guess.

• Joshua Richardson from Jennifer Richardson.

• Trevor F. Williams from Terra Williams.

• Athene L. Switzer from Richard E. Switzer II.

• Lindsey L. Curl from Preston D. Curl.

• Chloe Hernandez from Roger Hernandez, Jr.

• Sarah McMinn from Lesa K. Gass.

• Mary L. Woodward from Sean M. Woodward.

The following are name changes:

•Brian Lee Servoss to Sara Lee Servoss.


• Clifford Ray Adams, 72, of Aurora to Joyce Irene Derrwester, 68, of Aurora, Dec. 14.

• Taryn Konner Thomas, 28, of Springfield to Carly Leann Doran, 26, of Springfield, Dec. 12.

• Andrew Dwane Batson, 23, of Aurora to Courtney Lynn Rasco, 23, of Aurora, Dec. 5.

• Bradley Ryan Trowbridge, 37, of Aurora to Stephany Lynn Brown, 48, of Aurora, Dec. 16.

• Jamie Rolando Castillo, 45, of Verona to Diane Loretta Schatz, 35, of Verona, Dec. 18.

• Kevin Eugene Carey, 39, of Aurora to Norma Ruth Angela Sue Parnosky, 40, of Aurora, Dec. 17.

• Enoch Gleen Wilson, 30, of Marionville to Misty Dawnn Veith, 27, of Granby, Dec. 23.

• Joshua Michael Rapp, 40, of Aurora to Rachel Amanda Colley, 34, of Aurora, Dec. 15.

• Corey Alan Eubanks, 34, of Aurora to Jessica L. Daniels, 36, of Aurora, Dec. 20.

• Hilario Ramirez Lizardi, 63, of Aurora to Adelaida Vega Tamayo, 57, of Aurora Dec. 19.

• Bruce James Franciso, 42, of Aurora to Candice Rose Francisco, 33, of Aurora, Dec. 21.

• Adrian Paul Rodgers, 24, of Mount Vernon to Krystal Dawn Hubbard, 33, of Mount Vernon, Dec. 18.

• Charles Wendell Rost, 20, of Mount Vernon to Riley Kate Meyer, 20, of Sarcoxie, Dec. 29.

• Joshua Dillon Porter, 40, of Miller to Kristian Marie Baxter, 37, of Miller, Jan. 2.

• James Basil Brockman, 25, of Monett to Ashley Annette Marmon, 24, of Monett, Jan. 2.

• Jason Allen Bertram, 47, of Jefferson City to Shannon Dell Lablount, 42, of Jefferson City, Jan. 1.

• Johnathon Scott Robb, 29, of Aurora to Mariah Lynn Hillis, 27, of Aurora, Dec. 31.

• Dylan Tyler Graham, 23, of Monett to Kristin Joane Phillips, 24, of Monett, Dec. 31.

• Rocael Danilo Gonzalez, 27, of Springfield to Erika Ocampo, 38, of Springfield, Dec. 19.

• Gideon Thomas Grant, 27, of Cassville to Jennifer Renee Thornton, 28, of Cassville, Jan. 4.

• Jacob Elbridge Biniakewitz, 22, of Rogers to Katy Johanna Moore, 20, of Rogers, Jan. 2.

• Rony Ernesto Orellana Lopez, 38, of Springfield to Leyda Otilia Figueroa Colindres, 35, of Springfield, Dec. 27.

• Cobie Allen Norman, 66, of Bloomington to Lydia Lynette Brubeck, 21, of Bloomington, Dec. 28.

• Warren Dale Wilkes, 66, of Wentworth to Tammy Lynn Eby, 60, of Wentworth, Jan. 9.

• Joshua Dean Heitschmidt, 34, of Miller to Ashley Renea Lewis, 31, of Miller, Jan. 9.

• Allen Jeffrey McGrane, 35, of Pierce City to Joyann Dorothy Merle Kirkland, 30, of Pierce City, Jan. 9.

• James Garrett Welch, 24, of Miller to Alyssa Marie Ramos, 21, of Miller, Jan. 9.

• Leslie Wayne Head Jr., 21, of Crane to Mahayla Renee Batemann, 19, of Crane, Dec. 31.

• Blake Randall Staponski, 31, of Wentworth to Lena Anne Brown, 26, of Wentworth, Jan. 21.

• Michael Paddy Shilling, 57, of Collinsville to Elizabeth Ann Ussery, 51, of Collinsville, Jan. 25.