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Jim Kutz: Reader disappointed in reports from U.S. Capitol

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Dear Editor:

I am very disturbed that some Republicans and the conservative media are once again shifting the blame to other groups, instead acknowledging that Republicans stormed the U.S. Capital in an act of insurrection.

Their silence is endorsing the  unhinged president in the White House. Trump urged his supporters to come to Washington, D.C., and rallied his base of terrorists on before they attacked the Capitol and democracy. Then he said he loved them.

Rationalizations such as BLM equivalency, election fraud and Antifa are ways of shifting the blame and trying to downplay from the issue of the terrorism at the Capitol.

AG Bill Barr said a month ago there was no fraud that would change the vote, but nothing could stop Trump making three calls to Georgia to ask for favors. He asked supporters to reject the election results and come to D.C. to get wild.

Fox and other news sites reported during the domestic terrorist attacks and blamed Antifa.  

BLM protests were to bring change to a system built to oppress minorities based on skin color and to stop police brutality. What happened at the heart of our Democracy was supremacists were trying to overthrow the government.  

The FBI said Friday there is no evidence that Antifa was involved in the violent riots at the Capitol, debunking that theory.  

It is time for all the media to call him an insurrectionist and seditionist. The mob was composed of domestic terrorists, not patriots.

It is a sad situation when people are afraid to confront Trump.

Jim Kutz

Glen Allen, Va., formerly of Pierce City

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