COVID testing available in Monett, Pierce City

Wednesday, November 25, 2020
Lines at Old Town Pharmacy are not uncommon this week, as people take advantage of drive-up testing for COVID-19. Two tests are available, the antigen test, which indicates if an individual has the virus or not, and the antibody, which shows they have had the virus at some time in the past, but have subsequently recovered. Melonie Roberts/

Old Town Pharmacy offers drive through service

Area residents needing to be tested for COVID-19 (coronavirus) may now do so at Old Town Pharmacy locations in both Monett and Pierce City.

Two tests are available, an antigen test, which is completed by nasal swab, will yield results in about 20-30 minutes in Monett, and in 30-45 minutes in Pierce City. Employees will call or e-mail patients with the results. Positive test results will be reported to the Barry County Health department.

The antibody test requires a blood sample, with results typically available within 48 hours. The test will reveal if an individual has had COVID in the past and subsequently recovered from the virus.

Although the pharmacy is not able to bill insurance, patients with health savings accounts (HSAs) can pay for testing with those cards. Most insurance companies will reimburse policy holders with appropriate documentation for testing costs.

A doctor’s order is not needed, and no appointment is necessary.

For more information, people may call Old Town Pharmacy at 417-635-1100.

There are multiple other testing sites in Lawrence and Barry counties. Health Departments recommend contacting a primary care provider first before using any of the testing sites listed. Pricing, insurance use and result times vary from location to location.

Testing sites in the area include:

• CoxHealth’s free virtual visits are available using the code “COVID” at

• Mercy’s tests may be found at

• Price Cutter, 708 S. Elliott Ave. in Aurora

People must register online at

• OCH, 108 S. Hickory in Mt. Vernon, 417-466-4110

People may call for insurance and pricing information.

• Hometown Medical, 101 N. Elm Suite D in Pierce City, 417-476-3003

People may also visit for more information.

• Access Family Care, 1810 S. Carnation Ave. in Aurora, 417-678-1260

To be tested, a person has to become an established patient, and an appointment is required.

• Access Family Care, 4016 Main St. in Cassville, 417-847-0057

An appointment is required.

• Barry County Health Department, 65 Main St. in Cassville, 417-847-2114

An appointment is required.

• Ozark Valley Medical (Ozark – Springfield – Branson)

People may visit for more information.

• HY-VEE Pharmacy, 1720 West Battlefield Road in Springfield

The patient must register online at

• CVS Pharmacies

People may visit for more information.

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