Lawrence County Court news

Wednesday, November 11, 2020



• Jacob Riley Adams, violation of order of protection for adult, misd. A, pay court costs, 90 days in Lawrence County Jail.

• Than C. Cung, take and possess over limit of trout, misd. A, fined $100.

• Lucky D. Davis, Jr., possesion of marijuana of 10 grams or less, misd. D, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, misd. D, fined $400.

• Corbin Aaron Diercks, making false report, misd. B, 30 days jail, suspended execution of sentence (SES), two years probation.

• Vishal Gupta, failed to maintain horn in working order, fined $500.

• Elisas C. Hagen, driving while revoked/suspended, misd. D, one year suspended imposition of sentence (SIS), 20 hours of community service.

• Kristal Marie Howald, violation of order of protection for adult, misd. A, pay court costs, 90 days in Lawrence County Jail, SES for two years.

• Kolton L. Jett, operating motor vehicle in a careless and imprudent manner, involing an accident, misd. A, five hours community service, one year SIS.

• Christy Michelle Jones, operating motor vehicle on highway without a license, driver/front failure to wear seatbelt, fined $140.

• Michael David Kennard, operating vehicle on highway without a license, misd. D, fined $144.

• Michael John Payne, domestic assault, misd. A, pay court costs, serve 30 days Lawrence County Jail, unsupervised probation two years, SES, anger management class.

• Michael Harrison Prewett, violation of order of protection for adult, misd. A, pay court costs, 60 days Lawrence County Jail.

• Ty H. Roethemeier, DWI, misd. B, pay court costs, pay recoupment costs, two years SIS, complete Substance Awareness Traffic Offender Program (SATOP) by six months.

• Tyler Lee Rubert, stealing, misd. A, 90 days Lawrence County Jail, SES, two years unsupervised probation, 40 hours of community service.

• Robert F. Stafford, possession of controlled substance 10 grams or less of marijuana, misd. A, unlawful posssession of drug paraphernalia, misd. D, fined $500.

• Herbert Glen Tune, Jr., operating vehicle on highway without license, misd. A.


• Cortez L. Benson-Wood, speeding, misd. B, fined $300.

• Brianna K. Hernandez, speeding, misd. B, fined $200.

• Andrew C. Hoxworth, failure to register motor vehicle, misd. B, fined $50.

• Audra M. Lauffer, failure to register motor vehicle, misd. B, fined $50.

• Ronald Eugene Million, Jr., vehicle under 18000 lbs. followed another vehicle too closely, misd. C, fined $58.

• Gary Jay Shuckahosee, failure to display plates, fined $50.

• Trenton L. Smith, speeding, fined $250.

• Ciarra Kaylen Warren, speeding, misd. C, fined $70.

• Caleb Benjamin White, operating commercial vehicle without seatbelt, misd. B, fined $50.

• Cody Ty Wright, failure to drive within right lane of highway with two or more lanes in same direction, misd. C, fined $60.

The following are failure to wear seat belt infractions, fined $10:

• Andrew Thomas Blanchard.

• Francisco Cecenas Hernandez.

• Justin Leroy Chandler.

• Cooper James Hicks.

• Rosalie Ella Hostetler.

• Christian Wayne Pacheco, fined 9.50.

• Gary Jay Shuckahosee.

• Rebecca Jane Teague.

• Trenton John White.



• Nathaniel Tyler Milford, controlled substance except 35 grams or less of marijuana, fel. B, SES, probation.

• Eric L. Owens, stealing motor vehicle, fel. D, probation violation, probation revoked.

• Matthew Lester Page, possession of controlled substance 35 grams or less of marijuana, fel. D, supervised probation, 200 hours of community service, seven years prison.

• Bobby Michael Potts, attempt/intent to produce a controlled substance, fel. B, probation violation.

• Chelsea D. Stafford, operating vehicle on highway without a valid drivers license.


• Blake Blankenship from Kaylee A. Blankenship.

• Julie A. Browning from Darren Browning.

• Misty Kyler from Paul Hensley.

• Bryson W. Gaston from Kelsey Huyck.

• Misty Kyler from Paul Hensley.

• Brittie L. Oakley from Benjamin J. Oakley.

• Levi Cope from Hillary Phillips.

• Alesha M. Osborn from William A. Wells.

• Taylor A. “Kennedy” Parrigon from Ryan J. Witt.

• Rodney Leavitt ET AL from Angela Leavitt.

• Paige Isley from Joshua Isley.

• Bobbi Thomas from Adam Thomas.

• Hope I. Arnold from Ricky S. Arnold.

• Brittany Bennett from Logan Bennett.

• Abigale R. Gallagher from Austin C. Gallagher.

• Makayla A. Mason from Justin D. Mason.

The following are name changes:

•O.J.S. to J.J.S and K.F.S. to A.J.S.


• Jonathan Roy Heckman, 20, of Pierce City to Twyla Renee Hampton, 20, of Mt. Vernon, 10/10.

• Samuel Ray Crawford, 34, of Billings to Taylor Danielle Gardner, 28, of Billings. 10/04.

• Devan Michael Keeler, 26, of Mt. Vernon to Amber Faye Lockard, 23, of Mt. Vernon, 10/10.

• Dakota Jeffrey Marshall, 26, of Crane to Rylee Blake Galloway, 23, of Crane, 10/10.

• Lance Lewis Jenkins, 24, of Aurora to Alexis Nicole Martin, 21, of Aurora, 10/10.

• Nathan Lewis Mays, 28, of Aurora to Emily Christine Pitts, 25, of Aurora, 10/03.

• Daniel Bowman Shackelford, 27, of Miller to Renee Michelle Shelsky, 23, of Miller, 10/12.

• Steven Dale Young, 30, of Ash Grove to Kelly Marie Brethorst, 27, of Ash Grove, 10/10.

• Jared Daniel Reynolds, 34, of Mt. Vernon to Jamie Lee Brown, 33, of Mt. Vernon, 9/19.

• Lyle Eugene Peterson, 60, of Neosho to Abigail Elizabeth Kittrell, 41, of Neosho, 10/20.

• Clayton Matthew Edwards, 31, of Marionville to Laken Rochelle Minge, 26, of Marionville, 10/17.

• Jordan Patrick Saffer, 28, of Pierce City to Megan Marie Aleshire, 29, of Pierce City, 10/10.

• Nathan Andrew Paulik, 27, of Billings to Chanan Huiskamp, 27, of Billings, 10/11.

• Ethan Bryan Putman, 24, of Springfield to Sarah Elizabeth Johnson, 24, of Springfield, 10/15.

• Robert James Ward, 61, of Monett to Rebecca Mable Dooley, 55, of Monett, 10/24.

• Nicholas Luke Filsinger, 21, of Miller to Lillian Nikole Kirby, 21, of Miller, 10/19.

• Richard Anthony Corder, 41, of Ash Grove to Chenoa Star Vanhooser, 30, of Ash Grove, 10/24.

• Jeffrey Ryan Clevenger, 30, of Reeds Springs to Sarah Elizabeth Burnett, 28, of Aurora, 10/26.

• Billy Dean Gautney, 65, of Aurora to Deborah Lynn Stanley, 70, of Aurora, 10/24.

• Cody Levi Huff, 24, of Stotts City to Elizabeth Ann Wilson, 23, of Stotts City, 10/24.