MSHSAA hedges its bet

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Association set rules for possible fall sports season move

The Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) Board of Directors met virtually on Thursday and took action to approve alternate seasons if a school has a sport or sports that cannot continue in the traditional season.

“The traditional seasons are still being offered at this time for those schools able to participate,” said MSHSAA Executive Director Dr. Kerwin Urhahn, “Today’s action by the Board of Directors puts into place a plan of action our staff devised in the event a school is not able to participate partially or in whole. This could give those students an opportunity to complete a season in their sport.”

Schools may use the alternate fall sport seasons for any sport if the sport meets certain thresholds including, but not limited to, length of traditional season participation and access to traditional postseason. Schools choosing to use the alternate fall season for any sport will automatically be included in the alternate spring season. Schools may opt out of any alternate spring sport season(s) by contacting the MSHSAA office.

In the plan, the Winter season would remain intact, with the first possible practice being Monday, Nov. 1. The Winter season concludes on March 20, 2021. Schools would be allowed to join the Winter season when their local guidelines allow.

In the alternate fall season, the first allowable competitions would be able to begin on March 12 and conclude by May 1. For the alternate spring season, competitions would be able to begin on May 14 and conclude by July 10. A school’s team competing in an alternate season for any sport may not exceed the allowable number of weeks allowed in the traditional season, as well as not exceed any contest limitations of the traditional season.

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