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Cathy Lewis: Patron pleased with Pierce City schools prep

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Dear Editor:

We used to sing with delight, “Have you ever, ever in your long legged life, seen a long-legged sailor and his long-legged wife?”

Keeping the tune in mind, teachers and the public are asking about this opening year for schools. Having been in a classroom as a student or teacher, we have never seen anything close to what is going on and the mysteries facing our children this Fall.

Here and now, I personally thank Pierce City Superintendent Dr. Kelli Albumbaugh and her efficient staff for making time to keep us very informed about the safety, educational goals and teacher preparation for the “2020 year of crisis.” From the closing of school last year until this very day, she has used every means to keep us posted. Just today, even the substitutes got a letter from the Board and Principals thanking them for their service and inviting them to breakfast with the staff. Moreover, even the subs will have updates and training for this coming year.

How many times do we hear that we can manage what we know and understand? Saying once again, Thank you Dr. Alumbaugh and staff for the sleepless nights and early risings and pages of notes you had to read to get this year started. You had love and concern for everyone.

Many questions surround September and its needs but we already are feeling a peace of mind and trust that our talented, caring professionals can deliver.

R-VI standing ready and proud to be opening school again.

Cathy Lewis

Pierce City

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