Volunteers helping aged, homebound

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Goal to help communities remain healthy in wake of COVID-19 pandemic

In times of crisis, Mr. Fred Rogers always quoted his mother’s advice, “Look for the helpers.”

That adage remains true today.

A group of volunteers comprised of retired emergency response and public works employees, Galen Hall, Mae Kennedy and Glo Abramovitz, have formed a group to assist the elderly, ill, those with young children and those otherwise homebound navigate the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

“There is no better group to assist with this,” said Kennedy, one of the group’s founders. “We know the risks and the protections we need to take to offer assistance to those vulnerable to the risk of contracting the virus. We started a Facebook page three days ago [on Monday], and already have 782 members. About half of those are seeking help, the other half offering to help.

“We have one individual, Galen Hall, specifically working with the elderly. He can pick up necessary items and run errands, thereby protecting some of those most vulnerable from becoming ill.”

Kennedy said the goal of the group is to encourage social distancing, the method by which the transmission of a virus can be drastically reduced or eliminated.

“We recognize the importance of social distancing,” she said. “That is our biggest emphasis to the community. It is important we protect the elderly, the very young, the homebound, or even those with social anxieties, who are afraid to get out at this time. We also emphasize those who are sick need to stay home. Let us come to you. If people want to stay home and utilize us completely, we are okay with that.”

Presently, the group is focusing on the areas of Monett, Pierce City and Purdy.

“We want to keep our communities as safe as possible,” Kennedy said.

Elderly residents needing assistance may call Hall at 417-489-3286.

For more information, join Monett, MO Coronavirus Help on Facebook.

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