Monett municipal court news

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Erik Rodriguez, speeding, $137.

Joanna K. Farmer, stealing, $26.50 and two days in jail.

Jared R. Wormington, failed to register vehicle, $102.

Nancy J. Campos, no valid driver's license, $127; speeding, $137.

Kristjan S. Chaddock, unlawful use of a weapon, $127; assault, $177; discharge gun within city limits, $77.

Slater L. Childress, failed to register vehicle, $102.

Doris F. Cox, stealing, $127.

Amanda D. Dennison, obstructing a police officer, $77.

Emedelia M. Franco, failed to register vehicle, $77; failed to display license plates on vehicle, $62.

Melissa Hurtado, no valid driver's license, $127.

Francisco J. Monjaras, no valid driver's license, $26.50 and six months probation.

Adrienne N. Moore, failed to register vehicle, $77.

Luz M. Osornio, failed to register vehicle, $102.

Michael J. Payne, failed to register vehicle, $102.

Carlos Perales, no valid driver's license, $127.

Travis W. Robertson, defective equipment, $123.50; no proof of insurance, $26.50 and six months probation.

Wilbur L. Rundle, trespassing, $102.

John A. Scroggins, nuisance violation, $300.

Crystal R. Adams, failed to register vehicle, $176.50; no proof of insurance, $26.50 and six months probation.

Debra G. Bales, no driver's license on person, $127.

Cory L. Brown, leaving the scene of an accident, $177.

Monte J. Conklin, no valid driver's license, $152.

Darla K. Damrill, stealing, $102.

Morgan L. Drake, stealing, $357.

Roberto Flores, trespassing, $200.

Jeffery W. Funk, failed to register vehicle, $77.

Jamie A. Gurwell, speeding, $162.

Stephanie Jasso, no valid driver's license, $152.

Benjamin A. McGinnis, defective equipment, $152.

Thomas W. Mills, alcohol consumed while operating a vehicle, $170.50; no proof of insurance, $26.50 and six months probation; failed to register vehicle, $26.50 and six months probation; no proof of insurance, $26.50 and six months probation.

Arthur E. Schroeder, failed to register vehicle, $102.

Lindsay G. Whittington, failed to register vehicle, $77.

Austin R. Huse, stealing, $125.

Mary A. Sweeney, defective equipment, $152.

Anthony W. Hinten, trespassing, $127.

Merle R. Ash, speeding, $112.

Allison G. Clark, speeding, $137.

Bristol B. Jessen, defective equipment, $225.

Jessica M. Pereira, speeding, $112.

Joel R. Chapman, defective equipment, $152.