New learning lab laid out of MHS

Saturday, June 22, 2019
Students painted on the poles for Community Service Day to help create the demarkation for the new learning lab at Monett High School. Contributed photo

Art students paint colorful poles to mark edges

Bright colorful painted poles have been erected near the pond at Monett High School to create a new learning lab.

According to Lynn Morin, she and Neal Bluel applied and received a $500 Cub Grant this past spring.

One of several completed demarkation poles for the new MHS learning lab. Contributed photo

"Our objective was to create a Learning Lab for MHS," Morin said. "Neal received over 350 trees, shrubs and plants from the Missouri Department of Conservation. Our biology students planted this past spring. The art department purchased seven 10-foot PVC pipes, four inches in diameter, that were primed, drawn on and ultimately painted and sealed. The subject matter was flora and fauna of southwest Missouri.

Tony McBroom and staff from the school district maintenance department drilled the 18-inch deep holes. Volunteers comprised of administration, teachers and students mixed cement, set the poles and finished with mulch.

"The poles are demarcations where the plants are to be found and to aesthetically enhance the pond area," Morin added.