Monett students capture 3 gold medals at art show

Saturday, June 8, 2019
Amy Tsai’s first place and gold medal color drawing at the Big 8 West Art Show, a portrait of a Peruvian child, from the Memory Project. Contributed photo

Cubs win 42 ribbons against other school artists

Monett High School art students took home three first place gold medals and 42 ribbons at the Big 8 Conference West Art Show, held this year at Lamar High School.

Teachers Elizabeth Wallsmith and Lynn Morin took approximately 120 pieces of art for display.

Ashley Batson’s first place water color, winning a gold medal at the Big 8 West Art Show. Contributed photo

Top honors for first place went to Amy Tsai in color portraits, where Monett students took three of the top four spots; Ashley Batson in watercolor painting, where Monett students claimed three of the top fife slots; and Taya Ellis in printmaking relief.

Ribbons were received in the following categories:

Two-hour live competition in watercolor— Anna Pham, 4th; Amy Tsai, 5th.

Taya Ellis’s first place and gold medal winning entry in printmaking art the Big 8 West Art Show. Contributed photo

Figurative drawing — Chloe Bartz, 6th.

Achromatic portraits — Chloe Bartz, 6th; Katie Smith, honorable mention.

Color portraits — Ashley Batson, 2nd; Magali Sandoval, 4th; Ashley Batson, honorable mention.

Colored pencil drawing — Chloe Bartz, 5th.

Wet media black and white — Santanna Rodriguez, 2nd. Mixed media — Yasmin Serrano, 6th.

Watercolor — Taya Ellis, 4th; Amy Tsai, 5th.

Oils — Ashley Batson, honorable mention.

Acrylic representational — Yasmin Serrano, 3rd.

Acrylic non-representational — Ashley Batson, 3rd and 4th.

Printmaking relief — Amy Tsai, 4th.

Multi-cut relief printmaking — Lorna Conway, 3rd; Maria Cecenas, 4th; Anna Pham, 5th; Madissen Brannon, honorable mention.

Ceramics, large scale hand formed — Emmy Welch, 2nd; Amy Tsai, 3rd.

Ceramics, small scale hand formed — Alondra Montelongo, 3rd; Ashley Batson. 5th; Melanie Hernandez, honorable mention.

Ceramics, wheel formed — Taya Ellis, 6th.

Mixed ceramics — Taya Ellis, honorable mention.

Sculptural ceramics — Kathy Garcia, 2nd.

Fibers weaving — Daniel Meza, 6th.

Collage low relief — Guadalupe Medrano, 6th; Abigail Smith, honorable mention.

Jewelry — Magali Sandoval, 2nd; England Yarbo, 3rd.

Open — Kailey LaMastus, 3rd.

Portfolio — Amy Tsaim, 2nd; Ashley Batson, 5th; Magali Sandoval, honorable mention.