MHS students create portraits of children

Saturday, June 1, 2019
A portrait by MHS senior Yasmin Serrano for the Memory Project. Contributed photo

Memory Project pictures accompany supplies to Peru

For the fourth year, art students at Monett High School participated in the Memory Project.

Teacher Lynn Morin received 15 photo portraits of Peruvian children in December, and had 15 students volunteer to create portraits.

A portrait by MHS senior Magali Sandoval. Contributed photo

"We provided $15 per child for necessities like toothpaste, soap, comb, pencil and paper, etc.," Morin said. "The artwork is for the children to keep and make a memory that they are loved."

Participating Monett students were seniors Magali Sandoval, Yasmin Serrano, Ashley Batson and Taya Ellis;

juniors Amy Tsai, Aveline McIntire and Maggie Sisney; sophomores Katie Smith, Lorna Conway, Diego Gomez, Celia Herrera-Ramos and Chloe Bartz; and freshman Santanna Rodriguez.

Senior Ashley Batson with her portrait. Contributed photo
Sophomore Chloe Bartz prepares her portrait for the Memory Project. Contributed photo
A portrait in process by MHS sophomore Celia Herrera-Ramos. Contributed photo
Portraits by MHS sophomore Diego Gomez. Contributed photo