LawCo Court News

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Circuit Court


Joshua M. Norris, stealing, fel. D, SIS, five years supervised probation, 200 hours of community service.

Pamela Sue Parnosky, operating vehicle on highway without a valid license, fel. E, five years supervised probation, LERF $125.

Kyle David Todd, third degree assault, fel. E, SIS, five years supervised probation, 100 hours of community service.

Michael Joe McGhee, Jr., DWI, fel. D, five years in prison; leaving the scene of an accident with physical injury, fel. E, five years in prison; driving with a revoked/suspended license, fel. E, five years in prison; SIS, five years supervised probation, successfully complete CRISP.

Steven M. Moore, dist/del/manf/produce or attempt to possess with intent to dist/del/manf/produce a controlled substance, fel. B, five years supervised probation.


Rodney Stewart from Crystal D. Stewart.

Jacqueline K. Lathem from Ernest L. Lathem.

Amanda Elliott from Miles Elliott.

Leann McDonald from Tommy McDonald.

Howard L. Mason from Crystal A. Mason.

Amber S. Heredia from Jose D. Heredia.

William D. Rodrock from Ashley M. Rodrock.

Lee D. Perryman from Cheri L. Perryman.

David B. Breshears from Stephanie R. Breshears.

Name Changes

Crystal D. Stewart to Crystal D. Gale.

Crystal A. Mason to Crystal A. Brown.

Ashley M. Rodrock to Ashley M. Guerber.

Cheri L. Perryman to Cheri Lynn Zumwalt.


Jacobo Salas Rodriguez, 23, of Monett to Mitzi Caren Soto, 24, of Verona. Oct. 6.

Dustin Edward Brown, 40, of Ash Grove to Shawna Adelle Downing, 36, of Ash Grove. Oct. 6.

Kyler Lyndell Shoff, 24, of Mt. Vernon to Dallas Nicole Racicot, 20, of Mt. Vernon. Oct. 6.

Keith Wesley Patty, 23, of Exter to Sydney Dawn Beuterbaugh, 23, of Exeter. Oct. 6.

Ryan Michael Saylor, 37, of Verona to Candice Dawn Voirin, 34, of Verona. Oct. 6.

Kyle Jeffrey Myers, 23, of Monett to Kayla Michelle Stone, 20, of Monett. Oct. 6.

Phillip Adam Owens, 31, of Aurora to Marie Arminta Shelden, 26, of Aurora. Oct. 13.

Mark Allen Strickrodt, 53, of Mt. Vernon to Amber Lynn West, 42, of Mt. Vernon. Oct. 18.

Bradley David Rummel, 26, of Springfield to Kelsey Lin Scott, 26, of Springfield. Oct. 19.

Mark Alan Arnold II, 31, of Winterset to Paige Ann Wallace, 26, of Winterset. Oct. 5.

David Caleb Cook, 34, of Mt. Vernon to Sarah Corrine McDermitt, 21, of Mt. Vernon. Oct. 16.

Nathanael Wallace, 43, of Aurora to Mindy Lee Edgar, 36, of Aurora. Oct. 21.

Aldo Hugo Valdez-Ibarra, 31, of Monett to Diana Ines Gallegos-Flores, 32, of Monett. Oct. 13.

Dwain Howard Cribbs Jr., 47, of Marionville to Amanda Ilene Stewart, 39, of Marionville. Oct. 13.

Buford Eugene Moore, 43, of Aurora to Tracy Anne Adcock, 44, of Aurora. Oct. 6.

Alberto Vazquez-Perez, 34, of Springfield to Marina Perez Zuniga, 38, of Nixa. Oct. 27

Kolton Lee Jett, 19, of Walnut Grove to Teresa Marie Hill, 19, of Ash Grove. Oct. 20.

Darrell Joseph Trueblood, 44, of Pierce City to Krista Dawn Baldwin, 37, of Pierce City. Sept. 16.

William Benjamin Kluhsman, 29, of Marionville to Regan Aubrey Kannady, 26, of Marionville. Oct.28.

Grant Michael Cundiff, 21, of Lamar to Kayla Georganne Duncan, 23, of Walker. Oct. 27.