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Gary and Judy Davis: Foster parents encourage consideration for children

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Dear Editor:

The “Designated Driver” article on June 23 sparked some old concerns.

You did a great thing by getting the alcohol abusers home safely. Let’s take a step inside the house. Children are usually there, and they are the ones who get to deal with the mommy, daddy, live-in, auntie, step-parent, partner, etc. The children have become invisible because the adult will probably have a huge hangover, throwing up, bad headache, hitting, throwing, etc.

The children have to tip toe around and not make a sound because they have been through this many times and have learned coping skills beyond their tender formative years and probably will never forget those experiences.

How do we know this? We are foster and adoptive parents for many years and after 40-plus children coming in and out of our home, about 90 percent had one or more of these horrible sentences for life — fetal alcohol syndrome, hyperactivity, attention deficit, attachment disorders, do-not-care-why-bother attitudes, etc., because an adult or adults made a decision to get drunk or high so their problems would go away.

When you take in this alcohol, smoke or drugs as a teen to fit in with your peers, your future children might not be healthy. Think and make the right decision.

Also concerning is that if drinking and driving is illegal, why do all the gas stations sell alcohol? The adults and teens get tanked up twice.

We know this is about money and people would be out of jobs if alcohol, drugs or smokes were banned. But maybe, life would get better.

Gary and Judy Davis


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