Monett Municipal Court News

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Tiffany L. Hull, speeding, $162.

Juana Ceniceros, failed to stop at flashing light, $102.

Tia F. Cupp, speeding, $112.

Robin J. Recio, defective equipment, $77.

Alejandra Y. Salas Castillo, speeding, $112.

Cathryn A. Anderson, failed to register vehicle, $77.

Joshua L. Ayers, stealing, $252.

Heather M. Boyd, failed to register vehicle, $102.

Mark A. Crossland, disturbing the peace/excessive noise, $26.50 and 10 days in jail; defective equipment, $152; careless and reckless driving, $126.50; no proof of insurance, $26.50 and 12 months probation.

Marcelino Diaz, driving while revoked, $227; failed to register vehicle, $26.50 and six months probation.

Saw Doo, driving while intoxicated, $326.50; following too close/accident, $77.

Shirley A. Fry, failed to yield/crash, $127.

Jarrett T. Gaspar, stealing, $252.

Dylan T. Graham, failed to register vehicle, $102.

Konni L. Hall, defective equipment, $137.

Jessica D. Harper, assault on a police officer, $26.50 and 12 months probation; nuisance violation, $326.50.

Hugo Meza, defective equipment, $225; no proof of insurance, $26.50 and six months probation.

Sebastian Moreno, failed to register vehicle, $102; no proof of insurance, $177.

Jeffrey S. Scott, defective equipment, $177.

Michael A. Trial, defective equipment, $225; careless and reckless driving, $26.50 and 12 months probation; no proof of insurance, $98.50.

Balie C. White, no proof of insurance, $177.

Gabrielle N. Gollhofer, defective equipment, $225; no proof of insurance, $26.50 and six months probation.

Angela L. Kellner, defective equipment, $152.

Rhonda K. Adamson, failed to register vehicle, $102.

Mitchell A. Craker, improper turn, $77; driving while intoxicated, $462.50.

Tonya W. Baysinger, stealing, $100.

Joey L. Forrester, driving while revoked, $326.50 and two days in jail; no proof of insurance, $177.

Robert M. Johnson, defective equipment, $152.

Rakesh Maharjan, failed to stop at a stop light, $102.

Kristina J. Powell, driving while suspended, $26.50 and 12 months probation; defective equipment, $76.50.

Alan L. Reistad, disorderly conduct, $77.

Cristian U. Romero Barrientos, defective equipment, $177.

Juan C. Salvador, no driver's license on person, $102.

Todd R. Schubert, failed to register vehicle, $102.

Courtney L. Tay, defective equipment, $177.

David A. Turner, speeding, $162.

Tina R. Ash, seat belt violation, $10.

Kenneth L. Washington, speeding, $137.

Eric M. Akins, dog at large, $102.

Alexandria M. Baldwin, domestic assault, $77; resisting arrest, $102.

Ashley N. Banda, dog at large, $152.

Michelle Crim, operate business without license/Adrenaline Apparel & Design, $127.

Vanessa A. Heim, improper backing/crash, $77.

Joshua L. Johnson, stealing, $317.

Devan M. Keeler, failed to register vehicle, $102; display plates belonging to another, $127.

LaDonna McVay, operate a business without a license/LaDonna McVay Photography, $50.

Arnetta K. Roberson, no motorcycle endorsement, $127.

Matthew D. Rodrigues, no valid driver's license, $102; failed to register vehicle, $152.

Damaris E. Sanchez, driving while suspended, $327 and two days in jail.

Kaleb E. Switzer, defective equipment, $152.

Esmeralda Valle Reyes, no valid driver's license, $152; failed to turn as directed, $102.

Aura Xiquin Ventura, defective equipment, $152.