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Penny Smith: Vote 'yes' on Pierce City's Aug. 2 water bond issue

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Dear Editor,

I feel it is urgent for our citizens to understand the position we find ourselves concerning our current water supply system.

The city and engineers held a very informative meeting open to the public in early June. Only three citizens attended.

Pierce City has a water system first installed in the 1800s. Our system is one of the oldest systems in Missouri. When lines were very small and made of wood staves, asbestos, concrete and lead, repairs were made with lead joints.

Due to the age, deterioration and leakage of our water system, the city has had to patch and repair older to newer lines, all varying in size and material. This mismatch currently causes poor pressure to families with many water needs, not to even mention the lack of pressure needed in case of emergency fire fighting and possible collapse of old, too small lines.

The State of Missouri Department of Natural Resources is requiring us to pass a $4.7 million bond to qualify for loans and grants to accomplish replacement of our old water lines into properly sized, durable materials to continue to provide clean drinking water to all households.

What happens if the bond does not pass and a new system installed? The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is allowed to step in before a catastrophic failure and impose fines to force compliance. If that is unsuccessful, the Attorney General's Office can intervene and impose penalties, fines and possible litigation. Yikes!

Please vote yes for our water bond issue August 2.

Thank you,

Penny Smith

Pierce City

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