Monett teachers to focus on technology, autism Monday

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Professional development day on each campus to tackle specific studies

Schools will not be in session in the Monett School District on Monday, as faculty and staff will engage in a variety of professional development activities.

At Monett Elementary, staff will focus on Class DoJo updates, autism training, positive behavior intervention and support updates, round table data discussions on shared students and collaboration on writing in teams.

At Central Park Elementary, faculty will focus on the book study, "Teach Like A Champion," and work on instructional strategies to increase student engagement, critical thinking and academic growth. Teachers will collaborate on learning goals and assessments for the third quarter.

At Monett Intermediate, staff will work on learning how to use the Casper Suite and Remote Desktop technology for the new student laptops, discuss technology questions in general and collaborate on teaching topics.

At the middle school, teachers will concentrate on the second literacy strategy, as well as collaborate on grade levels and department levels.

At the high school, teachers will focus on individualized learning by subject and class, plus collaborate on grade levels and department levels.

Scott Regional Technology teachers will work on curriculum input and refinement. They will discuss embedded credits, where students gain skills in basic areas through doing trade-specific studies, plus preparing for the tour showcase, where sophomores tour to learn about career options.

Special education teachers will concentrate on the Train Experts in Autism for Missouri (TEAM) Initiative through the Thompson Center at the University of Missouri, as well as focusing on instructional strategies for autistic students. Procedures will be established for paraprofessionals on promoting student independence.

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