Local student awarded for quick thinking

Friday, April 18, 2014
Shasta Schmidt, Monett Police Department's communications officer, recently presented Monett Middle School student Cody Thompson a certificate of appreciation for the way he handled a 911 call reporting a traffic crash at Sycamore and Highway H in Monett. Although no one sustained injuries, Thompson stayed with the victims until police and emergency responders arrived on the scene. Melonie Roberts/reporter@monett-times.com


A Monett Middle School student is being lauded for his quick thinking and calm demeanor during a recent 911 call to the Monett Police Department's emergency communications center.

Cody Thompson, an eighth grade student at Monett Middle School, witnessed a car crash last month while walking home from school. He quickly grabbed his phone and called 911.

"It happened at Sycamore and Highway H," said Dyanna Guinn, Thompson's mother. "I had to stay late work for a meeting and had sent him a text to go ahead and walk home.

"When he saw the crash, he immediately called 911 and gave a description of what had happened. He stayed with the people in the crash until the police and ambulance arrived and the dispatcher told him it was OK to hang up. Luckily, there were no injuries."

"I wish many adults could do as good a job as Cody did," said Shasta Schmidt, communications officer with the Monett Police Department. "We wanted to honor him with a certificate of appreciation for doing everything the way he was supposed to."

Schmidt presented the certificate before Cody's first hour communications class.

"It seemed fitting," Schmidt said.

"I think it's awesome the police department is doing this, especially for a teenage boy," Guinn said. "I'm sure they have bigger fish to fry. This means a lot to me and him."

Cody modestly accepted the award with a quiet thank you before handing it over to his mother and getting back to his classwork.

"This is not the first time Cody has called 911," Guinn said. "When he was 5, I was in the yard running with him and his two siblings and ran into a clothesline, injuring my head and neck. He saved me. I woke up under the carport with two of my kids sitting on me and Cody had run to a nearby neighbor's for help. I was taken by helicopter to the hospital in Springfield because they thought I had broken my neck."

Fortunately, Guinn did not suffer any long-lasting ill effects from the mishap.

"I've taught them all how to call 911, but for all the right reasons," Guinn said. "I'm very proud of Cody."

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