Thanks for the memories

Friday, July 12, 2013

One thing my stepmother always said you could count on is change and the older I get the more I believe it.

The newspaper business is not any different than any other business as far as change, whether it is technology or personnel.

I began working at The Monett Times newspaper in 1989 using the old black manual typewriters so I have witnessed many changes.

Technological changes seem to happen everyday but personnel changes don't happen that often.

The last change in leadership at the newspaper happened when Rust Communications bought the newspaper from Walls and Associates. Some employees went on to other things and some of us stayed.

One of the new faces in the change was Lisa Schlichtman. Lisa was well known for running and owning the Cassville Democrat and now was going to be running The Monett Times. I would have to be honest and say I was a bit nervous, but found out soon that was unnecessary.

As time went on, Mike and Lisa Schlichtman were named publishers of the newspapers. During this time, even though I had numerous years in the job, I became aware that there was a lot more that I needed to learn.

We needed fresh ideas, new instructions on writing and editing and new energy and that is what we received.

In the beginning, I believe all of us were a bit reserved with the changes. We just had to get to know each other.

I have watched an energetic woman take on many projects and wondered how she did it all. She created a popular product, "her baby," with Connection magazine. Yes, this will continue and we will try to keep it up to the measurement of quality that Lisa has built. Lisa has gone above and beyond what has always been asked or expected of her. I firmly believe "Wonder Woman" is a good title for her!

Both Mike and Lisa have supported their employees and shown us what faith-based leadership can accomplish.

The time has gone quickly, and I personally can say that both will be greatly missed, but I am extremely happy that the Colorado dream has come true sooner than they expected.

I wish you both well and I have no doubt that your future will continue to be successful and blessed beyond all limits.

We will miss you, but you never know when you might hear a knock on your Colorado front door and see a familiar face from the Monett or Cassville area!

God bless you in your move and new endeavors!