JHA addresses Hurricane Sandy's impact on NJ Data Center

Monday, November 12, 2012

Monett-based Jack Henry and Associates (JHA) has moved all operations for its Jack Henry Banking division from Lyndhurst, NJ to one of the company's alternate processing facilities in Oklahoma City, Okla.

The Lyndhurst center was rendered inoperable due to widespread flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy. Over 100 of JHA's 1,300 core bank clients were impacted by the damaged item processing center.

"All banks entrusting their item processing to our Lyndhurst center were alerted immediately about the unavoidable damage and our decision to transfer processing to the Oklahoma City processing center," said Tony Wormington, JHA president. "We have provided periodic updates as the transition progressed and item processing resumed.

"We immediately dispatched significant resources to other JHA processing centers to support the initial backlog and increase in transaction volume," Wormington said. "We will continue to work through any remaining issues until every bank affected is fully recovered with no transaction backlog."

"The impact of this unprecedented storm on our clients has the full attention and focus of Jack Henry and Associates' executives, management team, and staff," said Terry McMullen, general manager of E-Services, "We respect each bank's unique operating requirements and are working with them individually to ensure we are providing the level of support and service they expect during our collective recovery from this disaster.

"We will continue to provide regular updates to the affected banks and are working diligently to minimize the inherent inconvenience imposed on our bank clients and ultimately their customers by this unavoidable business interruption," McMullen added.

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