Precinct committee people finish filings

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

By Murray Bishoff

Candidates for precinct committee men and women filed for election on the Aug. 7 ballot. Most candidates are running without opposition, though several races developed on the Republican ballot.

Barry County

In Barry County, two contests for Republican committee man emerged with the conclusion of filings. In Flat Creek Rural, Charles Britton and Derek Couch are both seeking the open position. In Washburn, voters will chose between Paul Bingham and Jerry Varner.

Candidates filed for positions in the following precincts:

Butterfield: Cherry Warren, Ann Warren.

Capps Creek: Robin Terry.

Exeter: Bob Whitescarver.

Flat Creek city: David Cole, Fran Nicoll.

Flat Creek rural: Lana Couch.

Mineral: Lois Lowe.

Monett 1: Farris Masri.

Ozark: Glen Cope.

Purdy: Jerry White, Barbara White.

Roaring River: John Lewright.

Washburn: Janice Varner.

Wheaton: Jack England, Donna England.

White River 1: Danny Buchanan, Alice Pressley.

White River 2: D. Jack King, Sylvia King.

No Republican candidates filed for either position in the precincts of Ash, Crane Creek, Jenkins, Liberty, Kings Prairie, McDonald, McDowell, Monett 2 and 4, Pleasant Ridge and Sugar Creek.

No contests emerged on the Democratic ballot. The only candidates who filed were Barbara Ray in Butterfield, Nolan and Barbara McNeill in Flat City city, Doyle and Betty Eubanks in Jenkins and Rod and Janice Anderson in Monett 1.

Lawrence County

One race emerged for the Republican committee man seat in the North Mt. Vernon precinct. Jason Haymes is running against Joe Patton.

Republican candidates filed in the following precincts:

Southwest Aurora: Kelli McVey.

Southeast Aurora: Steven Kahre and Sherrie George.

Green: Paul and Darlene Hood.

Mt. Pleasant: Eric and Cathleen Vought.

Southeast Mt. Vernon: Henry "Wally" Long.

Southwest Mt. Vernon: Derf Eukel and Delores Bowling-Eukel.

Ozark: James Young and Denise Moon.

Red Oak: Boyd and Retah Arthur.

Turnback--Dane Roaseau and Sharree Trout.

Vineyard--John and Gail Janusz.

No candidates filed in the precincts of North Aurora, Buck Prairie, Forest Park, Freistatt, Hoberg, Lincoln, Pierce City and Spring River.

The only candidates who filed on the Democratic ballot were Delores Pratt in the Hoberg precinct and Lynn and Loretta Thomas in Red Oak.

If positions are not filled by write-in voting, the county central committees for both parties will appoint people to fill the vacancies.

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