Monett road district begins summer projects

Friday, June 25, 2010
Monett in an aerial photo from 1954, when most city streets were not as good as many rural roads are today. The railroad roundhouse is visible at lower left.

Monett Special Road District commissioners have picked their summer maintenance projects. Over a mile of rural roads will be overlaid with hot mix this year and almost four miles will be covered with chip and seal.

Road District Foreman Clayton Bunch reported to commissioners at their June meeting that roads were in better shape than had previously been expected after the late spring freezes and thaws. Bunch said the weather shifts still did a lot of damage.

"A lot of the breakup was in direct relation to the quality of the subgrade," said Pete Rauch, commission chairman. "With a better subgrade, damage was less. There were no surprises. We're just spending a lot of money this year."

Farm Road 1100, which carries a lot of traffic to the Hutchens quarry near Purdy, again needed significant maintenance. One mile between Farm Roads 2220 and 2230 will receive a new chip and seal overlay. Nearby, one mile of Farm Road 1070, between Farm Roads 2210 and 2200, will get a mile overlay of chip and seal. Continuing west, Farm Road 1050 between Farm Roads 2010 and Highway 60 will get another mile of chip and seal.

Other chip and seal work will cover a half mile of Farm Road 2226 in Lawrence County, on the dead end of Farm Road 1090. Four-tenths of a mile will be laid on Farm Road 1076 into the new subdivision being developed off Farm Road 2220.

Commissioners planned to sign onto county bids for chip and seal work to minimize expenses.

Nine different hot mix overlay jobs were targeted for the year. Seven will be in Barry County:

* On Farm Road 2020, three quarters of a mile will be laid between Farm Roads 1070 and 1063. Another quarter mile will be placed between Farm Roads 1063 and 1060, plus spot patching on the east end of the district between Farm Roads 1090 and 1100.

* Three quarters of a mile will be laid between Farm Road 2020 and 2030 on Farm Road 1070.

* Spot patching will be placed on Farm Road 1050 between Highway 60 and Farm Road 2020.

* An overlay will be put on a new bellum bridge on Farm Road 1052.

* Around 400 feet of overlay will be placed on the sand plant road on Farm Road 2035.

* Approximately 250 feet of overlay will go on Farm Road 2240.

Spot patching is also planned in the Lawrence County section of the district. Crews were authorized by road district commissioners to place 600 feet of hot mix on Farm Road 1070 between Farm Roads 2200 and 2220.

To preserve existing roads, commissioners authorized more than a mile of micro sealing in Barry County. Three-tenths of a mile of micro sealing will be placed on the Apple Blossom Lane subdivision west of Monett off Highway 60. A quarter mile of work is planned on Farm Road 2020 between Farm Roads 1060 and 1063. Three quarters of a mile of Farm Road 1070 has been targeted for work between Farm Roads 2020 and 2030.

"There's always more maintenance than we can afford," Rauch added.

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