Centennial of Logan McKee's aeroplane flight in Monett, July 4, 1911

Friday, July 1, 2011

July 4 marks 100 years since Monett pharmacist Logan D. McKee made his famous flight of a DeChenne aeroplane for around 10,000 people over Monett. McKee took off from the Wormington pasture, probably south of town, flew up the valley, likely east of what is now South Park, turned by the athletic field, which was located where the EFCO plant is now at Dairy and Highway 37, nearly 20 years before Highway 37 was built and raised to its current height, and back to the south again. Logan McKee's photograph scrapbook of his days as an aviator gave a description of the Monett Aeroplane Company. L.B. Durnil was the president. Ed DeChenne was the chief engineer. Everet DeHanas was the chief mechanic. Carl Saxe was the works manager. McKee dedicated his scrapbook to Saxe and referred to him as "pioneer builder of aeroplanes, radios and air castles." Tommy Pout is listed as the company mascot. McKee carried business cards for the DeChenne Aeroplane and Motor Company. On the card, McKee listed himself as "aviator."