Tornado damage in Wentworth from May 22 storm

Monday, May 23, 2011
Times Photos by Murray Bishoff

Damage was widespread in Wentworth following the Monday tornado. Though few houses were damaged, trees were uprooted throughout the town. Roofing had been stripped off the Wentworth Post Office and several buildings west and north of the post office were structurally damaged. Power was out throughout the town on Monday morning and water service had been disabled. Mayor Clyde Stephens said firefighters had gone for water and would be distributing a supply from the fire station. Phones were not working. Stephens said the restoration effort would operate from the city hall, next to the post office. "If you want to come and help clean up, stack lumber and bring your chain saws, you'll be welcome," Stephens said. Wentworth is located five miles west of Pierce City on the Newton County line. Students in Wentworth attend school in Pierce City.