Lions learn about Clark Center

Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Clark Community Mental Health Center Director Brad Ridenour discusses mental health in area communities during a recent meeting of the Monett Lions Club. Contributed photo

Director discusses need for mental health resources

Brad Ridenour, director of Clark Community Mental Health Center, provided a program for local Lions Club members recently that outlined the origin of Clark Center, the increasing need for its services and the vast array of staff and services utilized to address those needs.

Ridenour’s message was one repeatedly stressing the word “need.” Clark Center staff members work with committed vision to reduce the stigma and to promote awareness surrounding mental health within their targeted service area of Barry, Lawrence and Dade counties. They perform their daily work as part of their mission to improve lives and communities through compassionate care. Professionals work tirelessly to promote wellness. Patient focus is based on individualized care with an integrated approach.

Several times during his presentation, Ridenour used an analogy involving Walmart. He said Walmart stores are strategically located to provide services for people who need services. He stressed that the same strategy should apply to society’s approach at providing mental health services.

Ridenour said the City of Monett has two locations for Clark Center outreach. Additionally, the three counties encompassing the Clark Center’s designated service area offer care at locations in Greenfield, Pierce City, Cassville and Aurora.

The center has goals of adding a facility in Mount Vernon and enlarging a facility in Aurora.

“Much like Walmart, we need to be located where the need is located”, and we are working to accomplish that,” Ridenour said.

He stressed that as people emerge from the pandemic, the need for Clark’s services is rising as people phone in asking for assistance or walk in seeking help.