Monett School Board questionnaire: A.J. Bahl

Saturday, April 3, 2021

1. Why do you want to run for a seat on the school board?

To continue to contribute to an effective school board that endeavors to create the best school district for our students and staff.

2. What, if any, previous experience do you have?

I have served on the school board since 2012 and have served as board Vice President and President.

3. What is your field of employment, and how does it contribute to your qualifications as a potential school board member?

I am a pharmacist by trade as well as a manager/owner. I spend a great deal of my time listening to people to try to understand their difficulties, then using my knowledge and experience to attempt to find reasonable solutions that will improve their situation and quality of life. This experience as well as my business management background is very applicable as a board member.

4. What are your priorities for the district?

My priorities for the district are to continue to facilitate having an effective and cohesive board of education that works well with our school administrators to improve the academic performance of all of our kids as well as continuing to make strides in our long term facilities plans.

5. What would you change, if anything?

I would change much of the year 2020 if I could. However, the difficulties of 2020 have taught all of us so much and I believe this experience will make us better moving forward.

6. In light of COVID, what are the biggest challenges facing the district moving forward?

I am hopeful that we have nearly tackled the challenges of COVID and we will be able to move on to making bigger strides in areas much more important to the futures of our children such as improvement and alignment of math and language arts curriculum, early childhood learning centers and new facilities to better serve our district.

7. What are your personal goals you would like to accomplish, if elected?

My service is not personal other than to be one small part of an effective board that motivates and enables our administrators, teachers and students to reach their highest academic goals.

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