Purdy house destroyed in blaze

Wednesday, March 24, 2021
A firefighter works to access the attic of a house fire in Purdy Friday afternoon. Mike Gervais/mgnews@monett-times.com

Multi-agency response quells grease fire

Purdy firefighters battled a residential fire from 4:30-7 p.m. on Friday, a blaze that destroyed the home on Farm Road 1080, south of Highway C,.

According to Purdy Fire Chief Nick Mercer, the fire was caused by cooking grease in the kitchen and quickly spread throughout the house.

Mercer said initial reports suggested that two individuals were trapped in the home as the fire burned.

However, he said that firefighters arrived on scene to find Barry County Sheriff’s Office deputies escorting one individual out of the home, and the second person had made it out safely on their own.

Firefighters spray water into the attic of the home in an effort to stop the blaze from spreading further. With no fire wall in the attic, Friday’s blaze quickly moved through the home. Mike Gervais/mgnews@monett-times.com

The fire destroyed much of the home. Mercer said the blaze made its way into the attic and below the floorboards of the bedrooms.

“This was a challenging fire to get to,” Mercer said. “As far as the structure goes, I think the insurance company will say its a total loss. We were able to save about half of the contents of the house though.”

In addition to the Purdy Fire Department, mutual aid was provided by the Monett City Fire Department, Monett Rural Fire Department, Wheaton Fire Department and Butterfield Fire Department. Approximately 30 firefighters were on scene.

Firefighters attacked the fire from several angles, getting water into the attic by opening holes under the eves, climbing a ladder and dousing flames from above and by spraying water into the home’s garage. Mike Gervais/mgnews@monett-times.com

Mercer also said the department set up a dump tank – a portable pool that engines are able to draw water from – to combat the blaze. He said the fire hydrant located near the home had a two-inch water line, which only provides enough water for one tanker to run. By establishing the dump tank, the firefighters were able to get more water onto the fire and keep it from spreading further.

Mercer reported one injury caused by the fire – a minor burn suffered by a firefighter.

Firefighters relocate from the front of the residence to the side to address flames spreading in the attic of the home. Mike Gervais/mgnews@monett-times.com
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