Verona hit with scheduled blackout

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Demand on power grid easing as weather warms

With temperatures warming, the midwest power grid is recovering after heavy demand and supply issues led to rolling blackouts throughout the region this past week.

While much of the local area was spared from the blackouts, Verona did experience a scheduled 45-minute blackout on Tuesday.

According to Liberty Program Manager Jillian Curtis approximately 580 customers were impacted.

As of Wednesday, the Southwest Power Pool remained on Emergency Alert Level 2, which calls for reduced energy use by customers.

“The regional power grid continues to be strained due to prolonged temperatures, record-breaking demand and fuel supply issues,” Curtis said in a statement.

On Tuesday, Liberty extended its peak advisory for customers until noon on Wednesday.

“That may need to be extended, depending on this rapidly evolving emergency,” Curtis said. “We have no current requirements to begin controlled service interruptions.”

Though it appears the area is recovering, Curtis stressed that customers should be prepared for potential changes in the status.

In case of unplanned or planned outages, community members should ensure their cell phones are fully charged, have a water supply and alternative lighting source available and check clock and radio batteries.

With the weather continuing to deliver freezing temperatures, community members should also have blankets and warm clothes available.

Residents can help avoid future blackouts by conserving energy, specifically during peak hours.

Curtis said community members are encouraged to keep their thermostats at 65 degrees, if possible. She also said elderly residents and those with illnesses should not lower their thermostats.

Residents can also conserve power by turning off and unplugging computers, monitors, chargers, printers and televisions when they are not in use, and avoid using major electric appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines and dryers.

As temperatures continue to warm, the hope is that the power grid will recover and demand will ease, but until the community is given the all-clear, everyone is being encouraged to do their part to help prevent future scheduled blackouts.

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