New ambulance on order for 2021

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Board opts to sell older unit with electrical issues

Members of the Barry-Lawrence Ambulance Board approved the purchase of a new ambulance, from Pinnacle Emergency Vehicles, to put into a scheduled rotation in 2021, aiming to keep the district’s fleet of vehicles remain in optimal working condition.

The Braun truck, with a price tag of $197,573, comes with a 2021 Ford chassis, is of single unit welded seam construction, offering a safer transport environment for both crews and patients.

The unit will feature sliding side doors, which are safer than the open-out doors on narrow, rural highways. Crew members have the ability to look out to see if there is an oncoming vehicle, where the open-out doors could create a blind spot. Interior cameras are included, a benefit to both employees and patients.

The district also received word that it had been successful in obtaining $10,000 in federal CARES Act funding through Lawrence County. Plans are to purchase three ultraviolet light disinfection systems at a cost of $3,900, with the district picking up the cost overage on the third unit. The systems will kill airborne and surface contact pathogens, even COVID-19.

Board members also approved sending an eligible employee to SWAT training to respond to critical events with the police department. Valerie Wilson, operations manager, told the board the SWAT medic will never be in a “hot zone,” but stationed in a “warm zone,” ready to respond when officers give clearance to do so. This will not be a full-time position for the district, but on an as-needed basis, although the employee currently holds a full-time position with the ambulance district.

Aurora Rural Fire District was awarded an ambulance that has been rotated out of the district’s fleet due to an electrical issue. With a $100 bid and an essay stating the unit will be used to respond to structure fires and mutual aid calls. The other bidder, Purdy Fire Protection District, will have the opportunity to receive the next unit rotated out of service in the coming year, which they indicated would be used for swift-water rescue situations. That unit is being retired due to high mileage.

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