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Sheryl Gray Mason: Seek the truth

Saturday, October 3, 2020


Iím a native Missourian and am incredibly concerned about the November elections.

Itís with pride that I say I grew up on a dairy farm southwest of Monett and am a graduate of Monett High School. Seeking and telling the truth was paramount in our family.

I visited my family in Missouri during October 2019 and became aware of the news sources which seemed to be the most popular in the area (Fox News, Facebook and a few others). It was disturbing to witness the misinformation often promoted on these sources and how that was influencing opinions.

To be fully informed in todayís world, we need to be super diligent to pursue news and expert opinions from a multitude of sources which provide reliable and truthful reporting. Try PBS News.

Our viewing habits on social media are monitored and, using algorithms, the content is fed back to us is based on previous viewing. Therefore, as individual consumers, weíre not seeing the same exact information as our neighbors.

To learn more about internet marketing, I recommend The Social Dilemma documentary which was produced this year by The Center For Humane Technology. Additionally, we know that some foreign governments use social media to attempt interference in our U.S. elections.

For the important local, state and federal elections in November, Iím pleading for all of us to seek the truth before casting our votes. Itís incredibly important for the future of our country and Planet Earth.

Sheryl Gray Mason

Pawtucket, R.I., Monett native and MHS graduate

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