Lawrence County Court News

Friday, September 25, 2020



• Vickie Sue Benbrook, peace disturbance, misd. B, fined $250.

• Maliek Akem Clendinen, fail to obey traffic control device, misd. C, fined $140.

• Dwight Eugene Glossip, fail to obey traffic control device, misd. C, fined $60.

• Timothy J. Pope, failure to maintain vehicle insurance, fined $250.

• Tanner Allen Rogers, failure to equip vehicle with a horn in working order, infr., fined $150.

• Charles Lee Sampes (Steward), failure to register motor vehicle, misd. B, fined $250.

• Frankie James Sheridan, driving while revoked/suspended, misd. D, fined $200.

• Chancy E. Forester, fishing without a permit, misd. A, fined $150.

• Ty Owen Forester, probation revoked, operating vehicle on highway without valid license, misd. D, fined $130.


• Darrell G Regehr, pass vehicle and interfered with approaching traffic, misd. C, fined $88.

• Casie Lynn Hull, speeding, misd. C, fined $60.

• Peter H. Jarvis, speeding, misd. B, fined $235.

• Ty Chandler Smith, speeding, misd. C, fined $100.

The following are failure to wear seat belt infractions, fined $10:

• Lainey Rose Hawkins.



• John Bernard Bevis, probation violation, probation revoked, suspended execution of sentence (SES) set aside, receiving stolen property, fel. C, four years prison.

• Aaron D. Cable, 35 grams or less of marijuana, fel. C, probation revoked, five years in prison.

• Preston Austin Dallas, probation violation, probation revoked, first degree burglary, fel. B, seven years prison; third degree assault, fel. E, three years prison.

• Louis Albert Doto, probation violation, probation revoked, stealing a motor vehicle, fel. C, seven years prison.

• Ronnie Dean Jr. Harris, probation violation, probation revoked, 35 grams or less of marijuana or synthetic cannabinoid, fel. C.

• David L. Jr. Hull, probation violation, probation revoked, endangering the welfare of a child, fel. C, five years prison.

• William Kennedy, DWI, fel. C, 10 years prison.

• Johnny L. Taylor, probation violation, probation revoked, receiving stolen property, fel. C, seven years prison.


• Matthew Lee Gibson, 34, of Neosho, to Amy Ellen Marrs, 33, of Neosho, Sept. 1.

• Trenton Angus Blauert-Tickell, 25, of Aurora, to Marin Skielar Bagdon, 24, of Aurora, Sept. 3.

• Andrew Chris Diaz, 38, of Aurora, to Jennifer Irene Munden, 34, of Aurora, Sept. 4.

• Jacob Stephen Chase Sperandio, 23, of Monett, to Caytlin Carissa Conrad, 22, of Monett, Aug. 29.

• Michael Edward Rust, 52, of Aurora, to Natasha Corenne Harrison, 30, of Aurora, Sept. 5.

• Aaron William Stranghoner, 28, of Lincoln, to Dorothy Louise Pearman, 29, of Lincoln, Sept. 5.

• Joshua Bryce Tweed, 38, of Miller, to Charity Denese Jones, 33, of Miller, Sept. 5.

• Michael Patrick Price, 35, of Wentworth, to Rebecka Rose Blackburn, 31, of Wentworth, Sept. 6.

• Tyrell Broggin, 24, of Mt. Vernon, to Celia Ann Davidson, 20, of Mt. Vernon, Sept. 13.

• Logan Riley Clevenger, 26, of Mt. Vernon, to Katherine Elizabeth Marie Larson, 27, of Mt. Vernon, Sept. 12.

• Darin Michael Howard, 25, of Mt. Vernon, to Ryley Jo Bradshaw, 23, of Mt. Vernon, Sept. 12.

• Kevin Phillip Julien, 56, of Marionville, to Chalis Oliva Gourley, 57, of Marionville, Sept. 11.

• Maclain Allen Rapp, 25, of Mt. Vernon, to Kayla Danielle Jenkins, 23, of Mt. Vernon, Sept. 12.