Crime Stoppers reviews recent activity

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Purdy reports three home invasions in single night

Members of the Barry-Lawrence Chapter of Crime Stoppers took the opportunity to catch up on what criminal activity is trending locally.

Luckily, for most Monettans, the news is good.

“The crime rate is down, and so are my stress levels,” said Jay Jastal, school resource officer and public information officer for the Monett Police Department. “The kids have not been too bad this summer, surprisingly. I figured by now they’d be bored out of their heads.”

That said, the number of hotline calls concerning the well-being of local youth has also dropped.

“There has been a 50 percent drop in hotline calls since March, and several Children’s Division employees have been furloughed,” said Sarah Pfitzner, vice president of the the Crime Stoppers chapter.

In Purdy, incidents of criminal activity have been sporadic.

“We had three reported home invasions since June, all taking place on the same evening,” said Police Chief Jackie Lowe. “One homeowner found the intruder asleep on his couch, and another woman was asleep in her bedroom when he entered the residence. In all cases, entry was made through a back door.”

In all cases, Lowe reported the homes were not locked against intruders.

“The perpetrator is currently in the Lawrence County Jail,” he said. “We believe he was possibly under the influence of drugs.”

Another members reported suspicious activity taking place in the area of Farm Road 2020, with traffic lining up alongside the road to an individual’s gated and locked driveway both in the early morning hours starting at about 6:30 a.m., and again in the evening starting at about 5:30 p.m. Local law enforcement has been notified of the activity.

Discussion also centered on the most wanted subjects listed on the Barry-Lawrence County Crime Stoppers. The purpose of Barry-Lawrence County Crime Stoppers page on Facebook is to obtain information about unsolved crimes, about ongoing criminal activity and about persons currently wanted for committing felony crimes.

The Barry-Lawrence County Crime Stoppers offers cash rewards for information that leads to the arrest and the filing of felony charges on criminals on suspects wanted for the commission of felony crimes.

The next scheduled meeting of the Barry-Lawrence chapter of Crime Stoppers will be at noon on Aug. 20 at Angus Branch Steakhouse in Monett.

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