Monett city officials endorse masking

Friday, June 26, 2020
Monett’s city officials, Commissioner Al Dohmen, Mayor Mike Brownsberger and Commissioner Jerry Dierker, are solidly endorsing the masking protocols and asking area residents to follow suit. The move is in response to the increasing numbers of COVID-19 positive test results in the bi-county area. Contributed photo

City responds to increased number of COVID cases

A press release from the city of Monett says Mayor Mike Brownsberger and Commissioners Al Dohmen and Jerry Dierker are strongly endorsing masking protocols and asking area residents to do the same.

“Monett and Barry and Lawrence counties are experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases,” the release said. “We, as a community, need to remain vigilant in protecting ourselves from the virus until a vaccine is developed and widespread immunizations are possible.

“As elected representatives of our community, we are strongly encouraging everyone to wear face coverings when in close contact with others. Everyone should be practicing social distancing and using enhanced hygiene practices. By wearing face masks you are protecting others from possible contamination.

The release said officials understand that some may resist wearing masks for various reasons.

“We are asking everyone to voluntarily comply with this request for the benefit of the community and the health and safety of all residents and visitors,” the release said. “This is the best way to stop the spread of COVID-19 until we get a successful vaccine.

“When the pandemic began to affect us in southwest Missouri, our hope was COVID-19 could be slowed and contained within a matter of weeks. However, the past week has shown that it will likely last much longer. We must look at this challenge as a process that may take several months. We can meet this challenge. The way that we live and work has changed in ways we’d never expected, but we’ve shown before that we can adapt and change for the better. Let’s do this together.”

City Administrator Dennis Pyle anticipates city officials will encourage residents to continue masking protocols until there is a notable decline in positive test results.

“We are continuing to follow guidance put out by both Barry and Lawrence County Health Departments, the lead agencies in the COVID-19 response,” Pyle said. “The city is alarmed by the increased number of cases we are seeing, and we are trying to slow that growth as much as possible.”

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