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Cathy Lewis: Hats off to Murray Bishoff

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Dear Editor:

Monett turned a page in history recently, as its well known, award-winning historian turned a page in his own career as an accomplished writer.

Our newspaper began a new direction and our classic newspaper man opened new doors for his own place in a literary tradition.

Picture, if you will events on the 4th, elections, city hall meetings, socials, upsetting fires, police chases, Halloween contests and prom nights. Who is that fellow with the brisk walk, glasses designed to focus on details, crisp shirts and the hat? Coming from the pocket is the “black book” and a sharp pencil. One looks up and knows the camera is around the neck of Murray Bishoff (Is your first name two R’s or one?).

Whether you know it or not, Mr. Bishoff is our resident historian. His words and pictures have formed the basis of who we were, are and where we are going. Right here, you can catch him anywhere and ask for a quick story. Who needs Wikipedia when we have your words on record? Barry-Lawrence county, we need Murray to continue to care for us and record our story.

Fellow Monett Times readers, you may want to cut out some of Mr. Bishoff’s famous columns.

Based on past achievements, it is obvious he is not finished but just begun to make a difference.

Gratefully yours!.

Cathy Lewis

Pierce City

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