Monett schools distributing devices Wednesday

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

District aims to give students access to resources at home

During the wellness break, the Monett school district is offering its devices to students to be used at home for access to educational resources.

Student device pick-up is on Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Device pick-up will be handled in a drive-thru format to help with the effectiveness of distribution.

“We hope to make this process as easy as possible for parents,” a press release said. “Here's a link to our online resources:”

The following procedures should be followed to help make the device distribution easy, fast and safe for everyone: 

• If anyone needs something from the building for a student, call the office ahead of time and let the administrative assistant know what is needed

• Use the same student pick-up procedures (details below for each campus)

• Remain in your car at all times

• Staff will only issue devices to a parent, guardian, or emergency contact; please have an ID ready. 

• All buildings remain closed to the public 

Monett Elementary

Drive through the circle drive, use the same check-in procedure as normal on a regular school day. A volunteer will come out with the child's items. 

Central Park Elementary

Parents should enter 7th Street from Sycamore Street (same as the bus lane). Volunteers will be outside, waiting for parents to drive up. Once the volunteers verify the parent or guardian’s identity, they will come out with the student's items. 

Monett Intermediate School

Use the same pick-up and drop-off procedures. Instead of turning left on Scott Street, drive straight towards the MIS office (staff understands drivers will be going in the opposite direction). Do not enter MIS through Cleveland, as this will cause traffic congestion. Once verified as a parent, guardian, or emergency contact, the volunteers will hand over a student's items. 

Monett Middle School

Middle School device pick up is today (Tuesday) from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Pick-up will be in the North parking lot of MMS (parking lot in front of Sonic). Drive-up on 8th Street, turn right on the North parking lot, make a line (similar to bus line), and exit on 9th Street. Pick-up will be extended to Wednesday at the same time for those unable to pick-up on Tuesday. 

If anyone is unable to pick up devices and would like to send someone else in place or are in a unique situation, people may call the appropriate building office to let them know. They will help come up with a solution.

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