Lawrence County court news

Saturday, January 18, 2020



Lacey Boom, operating a vehicle on the highway without a valid license, misd. A, fined $150.

Eelynne S. Fernandez, leaving the scene of an accident, misd. A; operating a vehicle in a careless and imprudent manner involving an accident, misd. A; 30 days in Lawrence County Jail, credit for time served.

Austin Charles Grubaugh, failure to stop for a stop sign, misd. C, fined $60.

Carissa Emma Haigh, speeding, misd. C, fined $70.

Heidi C. Jurey, failure to place vehicle place vehicle in park near the right side of the highway resulting in an accident, misd. A, fined $250.

Amelia Elaine Pryer, speeding, infr., fined $150.

Dylan Scott Thompson, speeding, infr., fined $125.

Franklin Dale Waren, speeding, infr., fined $175.

Madison Paige Wente, speeding, misd., fined $190.

Jesse L. Bebee, failure to keep proper/made false motor carrier driver's record-exceeded maximum driving time, misd. B, fined $140.

Rachel A. Behymer, failure to display plates of vehicle, infr., fined $50.

Mackinley J. Carey, speeding, misd. C, fined $70.

Amber Lynn Gutierrez, speeding, misd. C, fined $160.

Stacey Dean Hughes, violate privileges of landowner deer permit, misd. A, fined $149.

Nichole D.R. Jones, purchase/attempt to purchase or possession of liquor by minor first offense, misd. D, fined $200.

Christopher Michael A. Salyer, speeding, misd. C, fined $60.

Lee Warren Sandtorf, failure to equip vehicle with require brake system, misd. B, fined $130.

Cassandra Louise Wilkey, speeding, misd. C, fined $60.


William A. Rabren, operating a vehicle in a careless and imprudent manner, misd. B, SIS, six months unsupervised probation, Crime Victims Compensation Fund (CVCF), $10, Law Enforcement Restitution Fund (LERF), $50.

Cesar E. Sanchez, operating a vehicle in a careless and imprudent manner, misd. B, fined $130.

The following are failure to wear seat belt infractions, fined $10:

Nathan Eugene Bittick.

Joshua M. Gossett.

Harold Steven MucCulloch.

Stormy Marie Pearce.

Denzel L. Wilson Jr.

Ronald Eldon Chapman.

Levi Dawnn Erskin.

Jonathon Tyler Goubski.

Amber Lynn Gutierrez.

Cesar E. Sanchez.

Jeremy David Stouffer.



Justin M. West, possession of a controlled substance except 35 grams or less of marijuana, fel. D, three years in prison; resisting arrest, fel. E three years in prison; suspended imposition of sentence (SIS), five years supervised probation, successfully complete Court Reporting Intensive Supervision Probation (CRISP), CVCF $45, LERF $150.


Brenda R. White from Douglas W. White.

Kelley McCaffrey from Joseph McCaffrey.


Jason Erwin Obermann, 28, of Overland Park Kan. to Sarah Blair Tettenhorst, 24, of Mt. Vernon, Dec. 14.

Daniel Alexander Weathermon, 23, of Marionville to Hannah Elizabeth Hilton, 21, of Verona, Dec. 21.

Joshua Allen Thall, 29, of Mt. Vernon to Ashley Nicole Haynes, 24, of Mt. Vernon, Dec. 23.

Michael Wallice Watkins, 61, of Wentworth to Tawnya Ann Swafford, 54, of Monett, Dec. 23.

Brandon Ray Lee, 33, of Mt. Vernon to Shannon Ashley Rhodes, 31, of Mt. Vernon, Dec. 23.

Nathaniel Robert Isakson, 27, of Ash Grove to Taylor Morgan Floyd, 24, of Ash Grove, Dec. 21.

Troy Michael Robertson, 22, of Springfield to Elizabeth Kay Lee, 21, of Mt. Vernon, Dec. 22.

Bryce Austin Bieber, 23, of Mt. Vernon to Micaela Lynn Walls, 18, of Mt. Vernon, Dec. 21.