Monett municipal court news

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Timothy J. Larmer, failed to register vehicle, $77.

Kristi A. Chapman, defective equipment, $225.

Melanie G. Hernandez-Salas, speeding, $182.

Jason K. Klawreh, speeding, $182.

Dominic J. Ray, affray, $152.

Zachary T. Baxter, minor in possession of alcohol, $177.

Francisco Cecenas Hernandez, disobedient to traffic regulations, $177.

Ezequiel Cecenas Rueda, defective equipment, $127.

Cheley D. Demler, failed to register vehicle, $77.

Thomas L. Douthitt, obstructing a police officer, $100.

Corban M. Ekstedt, failed to register vehicle, $77.

Edwina C. Hiebert, speeding, $97.

Trenton A. Jarrett, possession of an open container of alcohol, $177.

Ronald D. Leech, speeding, $97.

Michelle L. Lewis, trespassing, $100.

Michael D. McCormick, defective equipment, $26.50 and six months probation; failed to register a motor vehicle, $198.50.