Verona voters approve transportation sales tax

Friday, November 8, 2019

Mayor hoping to see progress on ditches, street upgrades

Verona voters heeded appeals by city council members and renewed the city’s .5 percent sales tax for transportation issues on Tuesday by a vote of 19-12, or 61 percent in favor.

The turnout represented 8 percent of the voters.

Aldermen called the special election on July 2 after discovering the transportation tax would expire in October. The deadline for renewing the tax without interruption would have required a vote in April. The tax generated more than $20,000 in 2018.

Mayor Joseph Heck, who hoped to get the issue on the August ballot, said he was not surprised by the low turnout.

“I appreciate everyone’s support,” Heck said. “Since it passed, I think voters must see the need.”

Heck noted he has placed cleaning out ditches on the agenda for city council meetings five times, only to see aldermen table the issue.

“I’ve got plenty of projects in mind,” Heck said. “The top one on my list is Fire Lane Road, north of Ella Street, going up to the school. I hope we can get some of these things done now. We may have to wait until after the April election.”

Collections should begin again in April 2020.

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