Dave Sims recognized for service by Monett city council

Wednesday, October 23, 2019
David Sims, chief water and wastewater operator for Monett’s utilities department, received a special award from the Monett City Council at the October meeting, presented by Commissioner Jerry Dierker, center, and Skip Schaller, utilities superintendent, right. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com

Chief water, wastewater operator receives statewide award

The Monett City Council issued a proclamation on Oct. 18 honored Dave Sims, wastewater plant and water treatment plant operator, in conjunction with the recognition Sims received from the Missouri Public Utilities Alliance. The alliance honored Sims at its fall meeting for the significant contribution he has made to the city of Monett.

Mayor Mike Brownsberger took the opportunity to acknowledge Sims' largely behind-the-scenes efforts that ensure a key portion of the city's infrastructure operates. Utilities Superintendent Skip Schaller echoed those sentiments, noting that other utilities workers find that when they go to the wastewater plant, it's usually due to a significant emergency. As chief operator, he noted Sims has always provided steady, calm direction. The addition of running the city's new water treatment plant to Sims' duties came without reservations, Schaller said, and has operated as a model of efficiency, with less staffing than expected.

The proclamation follows:

Whereas, Dave Sims has worked at the City of Monett wastewater treatment plant for 38 years and served as its chief operator since 1985; and

Whereas, city leaders describe Dave as an "institution," praising his leadership and calm demeanor during floods and operational emergencies. His oversight of the utilities pre-treatment program has resulted in good working relationships with Monett city industries; and

Whereas, Dave has played a vital role in the city's operational success as it has prioritized water and wastewater infrastructure upgrades in recent years and helped to solve regional wastewater problems by collaborating with nearby towns. when the City of Monett built a new water treatment plant six years ago, Sims also agreed to take on responsibilities for that operation and has managed two major operations effectively with a small but well-trained staff; and

Whereas, the City of Monett has benefitted from Dave's leadership, making the wastewater plant and water treatment plant an important part of the city's success, and brings credit to all municipal utilities; and

Whereas, Dave Sims was presented an award by the Missouri public Utilities Alliance in recognition of members who have made significant local contributions to their local utilities involving at least 10 years of exceptional service;

Now, therefore, be it proclaimed by the Mayor of the City of Monett, that Dave Sims is recognized and honored for his devotion and leadership, and congratulate him for 38 years of service to the City of Monett.

/s/ Mike Brownsberger, mayor

For his part, Sims commended the city for providing a well equipped operation and quality staff, both making his job much easier.