Letter to the Editor

Robert E. Ballay: Aurora parent upset with schools’ attendance policy

Friday, October 18, 2019

Dear Editor:

The Aurora schools have in place a policy that classifies essentially any absence as “unexcused,” with an accumulation of absences causing the student to be denied credit, regardless of what their actual grade may be.

I always provide advance, written notice of my child’s pending absence, and I invite his teachers to let me know if he needs to be working on anything during the absence, and upon his return to school I provide documentation of the doctor, etc., visit.

Whether for doctor, dentist, orthodontist, sent home by the school nurse, kept home for illness in observance of school parameters and more: quoting the school documentation “there are no excused absences of any kind.”

And, the options to avoid your child failing the class are: after school detention, Saturday detention or to plead before the attendance committee.

My child has never had a discipline issue of any kind, and his grades are B+ to A.

What have we come to when the school administration seeks to control our parental duties?

Is this really an issue of maximizing the daily head count for some kind of state/federal money allowance?

If you doubt any of this, I suggest you contact the school administration at 417-678-3355, or the school board (I have written each, although the school board did not even acknowledge my hand-delivered letter).

Robert E. Ballay