Lawrence County Court News

Wednesday, October 2, 2019



Danny Joe Adamson, Jr., probation violation, probation revoked, passing bad checks, misd. A, 30 days in Lawrence County Jail.

Jeromie L. George, non-support, misd. A, suspended execution of sentence (SES), two years unsupervised probation.

Brady Stephen King, stealing, misd. D, fined $200.

Brady Stephen King, stealing, misd. D, fined $200.

Rachel A. Knee, misd. C, fined $160.

Emily Aurora Munoz, speeding, misd. C, fined $70.

Francisco Osornio Rodriguez, passing a vehicle on the right and traveled off main portion of the road, misd. C, fined $195.

Brittaney Violaevonne Rivera, failure to register vehicle, misd. B, fined $130.

Sydney Paul Scott, operating a vehicle on the highway without a valid license, misd. A, fined $300; failure to display vehicle plates, infr., fined $200.

Mikala Jordon Sisco, speeding, misd. C, SIS, one year unsupervised probation.

Dylan G. Weaver, failure to properly affix/display vehicle license plate, infr., fined $229.

Austin Lee White, speeding, misd. C, fined $70.

Julius J. Woods Ivory IV, operating a vehicle/trailer that no title has been issued for since it was built, infr., SIS, one year unsupervised probation, 15 hours of community service.


Jinning Zhu, failure to properly display license plates, infr., fined $298.

The following are failure to wear seat belt infractions, fined $10:

Devon Blade Apodaca.

Kayla Christie Blackmon.

Fawn R. Coblentz.

Matthew Gabriel Cox.

Alyxandria Danielle Esposito.

Thomas Cecil Geisendorfer.

Adam Virg Hyde.

Arthur Houston Kennemer.

Ronald Gabriel Kingman Jr.

Brittaney Violaevonne Rivera.

Camellia R. Strickland.

Caleb Williams.



Lesley E. Corbin,120 days of Institutional Treatment Center (ITC) completes Aug. 3, five years supervised probation, DWI, fel. D; driving with a revoked/suspended license fel. D.

Joshua J. Hood, 120 days of ITC completed July 12, five years supervised probation, stealing a vehicle/watercraft/aircraft, fel. D.

Brady Stephen King, stealing, misd. A, 180 days in Lawrence County Jail, SES, two years unsupervised probation, 100 hours of community service.


Hunter M. Murphy from Tarron M. Finn.

The following are name changes:

Rebecca Lynn Hull Decocq to Rebecca Lynn Hull.

Brittany Taylor Hull-Decocq to Brittany Taylor Hull.

Josie A. Dykes from Gairett B. Dykes.

Jorge Espinoza from Beatriz A. Salgado Vela.

The following are name changes:

Josie A. Dykes to Josie A. Barnes.


Isaac Wayne Fisk, 19, of Aurora to Bethany Anna Faye Prpich, 19 of Aurora, April 6.

Scott Dunn Phillipps, 60 of Mt. Vernon to Lydia May Ross, 58, of Mt. Vernon, July22.

Kyle Keith Cota, 22, of Mt. Vernon to Cheyenne Layne Arvin, 23, of Mt. Vernon, July 20.

Carlos Juan Merida Vasquez, 23, of Monett to Andriana E. Matul Lopez, 19, of Monett, July 13.

James Leon Ray, 39, of Pierce City to Devena Joann Johnson, 33, of Pierce City, July 13.

Jorge Salas, 24, of Monett to Delila Yulisa Rabadan, 22, of Monett, July 20.

Brandon Douglas Cobb, 27, of Monett to Lindsey Rae Turner, 27, of Monett, July 20.

Chad Ellery Hurt, 38, of Aurora to Cheney Rose Dodson, 21, of Aurora, July 13.

Eric Raymond Kuhnel, 44, of Mt. Vernon, to Crystal Marie Champion, 37, of Mt. Vernon, July 20.

Bryan Lee Davis, 32, of Verona to Alexandra Marie Snider, 35, of Verona, June 29.

Alexander Scott, 20, of Aurora to Emily Morgan Mendenhall, 20, of Aurora, July 5.

Joshua W. Kappel, 32, of Marionville to Jammie Leanne Hensley, 27, of Marionville, July 14.

Lucas Alan Wallace, 19, of Mt. Vernon to Emma Jayne Prewitt, 19, of Mt. Vernon, July 27.

Kyle Stuart Bagby, 35, of Aurora to Nicole Marie Alyssa Wake, 24, of Aurora, July 28.