Monett Municipal Court News

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Jason S. Sullivan, no proof of insurance, $177.

Will R, Turner, defective equipment, $152.

Juan B. Villarreal Santos, nuisance violation, $300.

Seth EW. White, no proof of insurance, $177.

Courtney E. Garner, speeding, speeding, $162.

Teresa L. Layton, failed to register vehicle, $102.

Charles J. Velten, dog at large, $150.

Michael G. Adkins, possession of marijuana, $127; possession of drug paraphernalia, $127.

Carter C. Fletcher, speeding, $137.

Christopher M. Foehlinger, defective equipment, $162.

Haley C. Garren, nuisance violation, $300.

Carolyn A. Hinshaw, alcohol consumed while operating a vehicle, $340; defective equipment, $127; seat belt violation, $10.

Logan A. Morris, speeding, $112.

Luz M. Osornio, failed to register vehicle, $102.

Anthony M. Ramirez, defective equipment, $176.50; no proof of insurance, $26.50 and six months probation.

Mateo Ramirez, failed to register vehicle, $77.

Sarah J. Reeves, failed to register vehicle, $77.

Anthony Tapia, no valid driver's license, $152.

Justin P. Yearly, domestic assault, SIS, $26.50 and two months probation.

Dakota L. Morgan, driving while revoked, $277 and two days in jail; no proof of insurance, $177.

Gustave Reivera Vazquez, no valid driver's license, $152.

Larita R. Chambers, possession of drug paraphernalia, $53; owner of dangerous animals, $102.

Louis G. Charqeueno Peralta, defective equipment, $200.

Matthew R. Clevenger, trespassing, $152.

Erick Contreras, no valid driver's license, $152.

Gary L. Fasone, defective equipment, $177.

Erica Gonzalez, defective equipment, $225; nuisance violation, $177.

Valerie L. Graham, dog at large, $102.

Katrina D. Griffis, failed to display license plate on vehicle, $102.

Pablo Grimaldo, disobedient to police officer's order, $225.

Grayson M. Heath, failed to register vehicle, $102.

Jason A. Kramer, trespassing, $100.

Brian S. Lindsay, property damage, $102; disorderly conduct, $77.

Ashley A. Marmon, failed to register vehicle, $102.

Alexandro Villa Fernandez, defective equipment, $177.

Maria L. Hernandez, no valid driver's license, $152.

Brandon L. Killebrew, trespassing, $152.